Charitable Donation Policy of AustCham Mongolia

2018 (2)


1. Overview

The Australian Chamber of Commerce of Mongolia (Chamber) is a non-governmental organisation which conducts its operations for the interests of its members on a not-for-profit basis. The Chamber will contribute to the development and enhancement of social wellbeing and supporting charitable works in Mongolia.

2. Objective
The objective of this donations policy (Policy) is to outline the rules and obligations of the Chamber in relation to the provision of donations to charitable entities in Mongolia (Entities).

3. Strategy

(a) Subject to this Policy and any budgetary limitations of the Chamber, the Chamber will use its best endeavour to support approved charitable works, events, projects and programs (together the Projects) by way of donations to approved Entities.
(b) The Chamber may receive and invite proposals from time to time from Entities.
(c) Prior to each new calendar year, the Chamber will aim to:
(i) set a limited donation budget for the forthcoming year; and
(ii) outline any special aims or target Entities and Projects.

4. How to apply

(a) A formal donation request (Application) may be made to the Chamber by Entities by completing and submitting the ‘Donation Application Form’ attached as Schedule 1 of this Policy no later  than 30 days prior to commencement of a Project.
(b) Each Application should address the principles and guidelines stated in clause 6.
(c) Each Application shall be submitted to the board of the Chamber via email for review and approval.
(d) During the period of consideration, Entities may be asked for further information, or invited for a meeting with the Chamber, in relation to their Application and Entities are encouraged to comply with such requests.

5. Decision making process

5.1 Application review

The Chamber will assess each Application in accordance with this Policy, the Chambers financial budget and, except where stated otherwise, in its sole and unfettered discretion.

5.2 Approval

(a) Applications for less than MNT1,000,000 should be assessed by the charity committee of the Chamber within 15 business days following the receipt of an Application in normal circumstances.
(b) Applications for more than MNT1,000,000 should be assessed by the board of the Chamber within 60 days following the receipt of an Application in normal circumstances.
(c) All donations under 5.2 (a) must be approved by the charity committee and donations under 5.2 (b) must be approved by the board of the Chamber in accordance with this clause 5.2 and this Policy.
(d) The decision of the Chamber issued in accordance with the Chamber’s charter or any other documents in relation to an Application will be communicated directly to each Entity following the decision being made.
(e) Successful Entities must comply with this Policy and any reasonable directions of the Chamber in the use of any donations and must use those donations solely in relation to the approved Project.
(f) The approved amount can be varied up or down from the requested amount at the discretion of the board of the Chamber.
(g) Donations may not exceed the annual donation budget of the Chamber set from time to time without board approval.
(h) The Chamber may provide donations and contributions to Entities in its discretion in the following forms:
      (i) Cash (via EFT); and
      (ii) in kind contribution (including but not limited to any food, merchandise, services or other assistance that the board, or the charity committee of the Chamber, sees fit).

6. Donation Guidelines

6.1 Guidelines

The Chamber will seek to provide donations to:
(a) support community activities;
(b) improve social wellbeing of disadvantaged groups;
(c) support charitable volunteering;
(d) promote the Chamber as a sustainable, safe, ethical, responsible and innovative organisation;
(e) support those Entities where the amount donated by the Chamber will make a difference;
(f) support education and training;
(g) support improvements in health; and
(h) Entities which have a sound organisational structure and clear accountability structures and mechanisms, and, unless expressly stated otherwise in this Policy, will not provide donation to the following Entities or Projects:
(i) commercial entities and companies;
(j) state organisations and activities;
(k) political organisations, campaigns or political persons;
(l) Projects that could be considered divisive in the community;
(m) religions or religious Projects, but for the avoidance of doubt, non-religious causes managed by religious organisations will be considered;
(n) Entities or Projects not based in Mongolia;
(o) Projects where donations are to be used on a service or activity outside Mongolia; and
(p) where donations are to be used for social and / or personal activities of organisations and individuals.

6.2 Donation result

(a) Projects may not be funded retrospectively.
(b) Only one Application per Entity will be considered per calendar year, except where the board/committee determine there are exceptional circumstances, may accept more than one application but for different projects.
(c) Entities will be required to publicly acknowledge and / or provide recognition of support of the Chamber as an outcome of the Chamber’s donation support commensurate with the level of support provided.
(d) Donations will be made directly to the Entity and the Entity must provide receipts and reports for expenditure if requested by the Chamber.
(e) If requested, Entities must report to the Chamber and account for donation expenditure on or before the date which is two months after expenditure of the donation, or which is two (2) months after completion of the Project. Failure to report will result in the Entity being deemed not eligible for consideration of further donations or in kind assistance from the Chamber.

7. Child protection requirements

(a) The Chamber has zero tolerance of child abuse or exploitation.
(b) Entities must always ensure that they prevent child exploitation and abuse at all times. Entities must have proper policies and procedures to protect children from all types of abuse or exploitation in the course of the implementation of the Projects.

8. Disbursements and Accounts

(a) The disbursement of donations to Entities will be monitored by the Treasurer of the Chamber.
(b) The Treasurer of the Chamber must submit quarterly reports on donations by the Chamber after each distribution of donations.
(c) The Treasurer of the Chamber shall maintain a register of all donations and contributions by the Chamber executed in each financial year. The register will contain information on Entities and Projects who have received donations, amounts of donations or description of in-kind contributions and the purpose of the donation or contribution.
(d) The Treasurer of the Chamber will maintain the charity accounts, hold all raised funds and make all payments pursuant to the Policy.
(e) The Treasure of the Chamber will authorise all payments to successful Entities via the Chamber’s office.
(f) Copies of the charitable accounts will be made available to members of the Chamber on request, and submitted to the board quarterly.

9. Exceptional and emergency funding

(a) The board of the Chamber may decide to organise fundraising activities in aid of those affected by a national emergencies or exceptional crisis in Mongolia.
(b) All fundraising events will be organised by the board or charity committee of the Chamber in their sole discretion.

Date: 22 May 2018

More information:
For more information about the Policy please email The Chamber reserves the right to make changes to this document at any time.   

Please click below link to download the application form to fill and send to 

Australian Chamber of Commerce of Mongolia Donations Policy application form 2018

Please click below link to download the application form in Mongolian and send to 

Mongolian version of Australian Chamber of Commerce of Mongolia Donations Policy and Application form 

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