Member News – TDB Mongolia

👏👏Congratulations to our proud “Company” member Trade and Development Bank – TDB to become an Accredited Entity by Green Climate Fund. “At the 25th Board meeting of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) held in Geneva, Switzerland between 10th to 12th of March, 2020, Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDBM) approved as an Accredited Entity of the Fund. GCF was set up by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2010 by its 194 member countries. The Fund is the world’s largest dedicated fund to mobilize private capital to enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. TDBM has been named the Best ToC (Sustainable) Bank of Mongolia of 2016, 2017, and 2019, and the leading ToC Bank of 2018 for its outstanding Environmental and Social Risk Management System introduced in 2012 in collaboration with the FMO. TDBM, by becoming an accredited entity, can contribute to these efforts by implementing and financing national climate change mitigation and adaptation projects and programs to create a paradigm shift to low-emission and climate-resilient development.” hashtag#WeHaveTheBestMembers hashtag#BringingBusinessTogether hashtag#banking hashtag#GreenClimateFund hashtag#TDBMongolia