Simple ways to save electricity

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Consumers know that energy is one of the most important necessities of life, but they have little understanding of how to save and use it efficiently. Here are some simple ways to save a little energy when using appliances.

  • With the development of technology, modern electrical appliances are being upgraded to use relatively less energy. However, because of the low power consumption, do not leave the plug unplugged for a long time. Because every appliance has its own power supply, it “uses” energy.
  • The desktop computer we use every day requires no more than 400 watts or 0.4 kW, and the laptop requires no more than 80 watts or 0.08 kW. Turning it off when not in use is another energy-saving option.
  • Do you leave your charger plugged in or unplugged without charging your phone? The charger is very small but still consumes power. At this time, the mobile phone charger “swallows” 0.5 watts of electricity and costs 0.005 MNT per hour, 1.2 MNT per day, 36.50 MNT per month, and 438.05 MNT per year. It sounds like a small amount of money, but consider that it also pollutes the air we breathe.
  • Energy consumption is reduced when electrical equipment is connected directly to the main power supply through its own plug rather than through a power outlet.
  • Learning to use any appliance in accordance with the specifications not only saves energy but also prolongs its service life. For example, if the vacuum cleaner’s garbage bag is not clean, the engine will use less energy. Undercooking thawed meat in an electric machine requires more energy, so you need to thaw the meat completely.
  • For people with private homes, it is recommended to choose a source that generates energy from renewable sources. If we use solar energy properly, everyone has the opportunity to have their own solar power plant. Most importantly, make sure it is not handmade.
  • The entrance lights in the apartments are always on in the evening, whether people are there or not. This coincides with the peak power load time. Such a 60-watt light costs 1825.2 MNT per month and 21902.4 MNT per year when it is turned on for 10 hours a day. This cost can be saved by replacing it with a motion-sensing light.


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