Fulcrum Aid Ltd (https://fulcrumaid.com.au/ ) is “Not-For-Profit Australian Company” designed to provide relief in situations of extreme inequality.

They have recently formed a partnership with the Neuro-Endovascular Surgery Department of the Third State Central Hospital in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, with the general aim of improving the neuro-endovascular services provided by the hospital.

Cerebral vascular diseases, particularly stroke, are the leading cause of neurological disability and the second leading cause of death in the world. While a report by the Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology (SVIN) states that treatment of cerebral vascular diseases has exceeded the lifesaving potential of most vascular interventions, the benefits have not been distributed equally across global communities.

Mongolia has experienced an increasing number of strokes in recent years, with around 1000 cases now diagnosed per year. Strokes are also occurring in younger people, posing a significant socioeconomic impact on Mongolia’s workforce. Victims who survive are often disabled for the remainder of their lives, putting a burden on their families.

Endo-vascular neurosurgery was first introduced at the Third State Central Hospital in 2014, and the Neuro-endovascular Surgery Department is still the only department that performs endo-vascular neurosurgery in the country. Although the doctors and nurses work long hours with an excessive workload, the department lacks the necessary equipment and tools to meet the demand. Hence, there is a long waiting list for patients requiring neuro-endovascular surgery.

Currently, one anaesthesia machine is shared between General Surgery, Heart Surgery and Neuro-endovascular Surgery, seriously limiting the number of patients that can be treated daily. Crucial equipment, such as an anaesthesia machine, a platelet aggregation testing machine, angiography head holders, an interventional radiology platform, and mobile protection shields for the X-ray are urgently required.  

When the project has been fully implemented and extra crucial equipment is available, surgeons will be able to provide three to four endovascular surgeries each day, significantly increasing the number of patients undergoing neuro-endovascular procedures. In fact, the project will improve the situation at least four times over the current situation, significantly improving public health and saving lives.

We would like to invite our members and other companies who are in Mongolian business community to become involved as a partner in this life saving venture by contributing to the purchase of vital equipment. The project will have high national visibility giving a high impact for modest investment. An investment that will create high public and governmental appreciation.

Please click here and here for a copy of the project synopsis but if you would like more information, we would be pleased to provide a full copy of the project proposal for your own internal review.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you on this exciting venture.


AustCham Mongolia

In association with

Steve Blacket (Email: steve@fulcrumaid.com.au)

Fulcrum Aid Ltd

Dr R. Ganbaatar. R (Email: ganbaatar.neuro@gmail.com; Ph: +976 9982 6868)

Dr. Munkh-Yalalt. Ch (Email: yalalt2008@gmail.com; Ph: +976 8800 3396)

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