AustCham Mongolia Board Nominees 2024

BoD Nominees 2024 poster

Andrew Forster

General Director at Epiroc Mongolia LLC

I have served as a General Director in Mongolia from 2010 with Maxam Explosives and more recently with Epiroc Mongolia. My time in Mongolia has given me an appreciation of the Mongolian business landscape and the challenges associated with navigating and succeeding within Mongolia.

I would like to see AustCham Mongolia continue to be a voice and advocate for the members and the broader business community.

As a member of the business community, it is imperative that we have a voice that is coordinated and communicated to the relevant bodies within Mongolia.”

Batkhuu Tserenbyambaa

Manager, Government and Community Relations and Communications at Thiess Mongolia LLC

“Dear Members and Friends of AustCham,

I am here to express my sincere hope for your support as I endeavor to contribute personally to the continued growth and success of our esteemed organization.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of gaining diverse experiences across various sectors. From my time in public office to roles with the UNDP and Thiess (formerly Leighton), I have honed my skills in foreign policy making, contract negotiation, community engagement, conflict management, and legal advocacy. These experiences have provided me with valuable cross-cultural and cross-industrial exposure, enriching my perspective and capabilities.

This background, coupled with over 20 years of managerial and active experience, positions me well to contribute meaningfully to AustCham’s objectives.

While my past experiences may serve as a solid foundation, I am a firm believer in the principles of lifelong learning and development. I am committed to continuously enhancing my skills and knowledge to better serve our community.

I am confident that with your support, I can play a significant role in advancing AustCham’s mission of promoting the interests of Australian businesses in Mongolia. Together, we can work towards fostering stronger ties, facilitating growth opportunities, and amplifying the voice of our collective community.

Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to AustCham’s continued success.”

Bolor Zorigt

CEO at Erdenejas LLC

“I am writing to express my strong interest in becoming a board member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia. Having actively participated in several AustCham Mongolia events and networking opportunities, I am fuelled with enthusiasm and passion to contribute meaningfully to the Chamber’s overarching mission and vision.

My professional journey encompasses roles in diverse sectors, including a tenure at a multinational banking institution, Brown Brothers Harriman (Luxembourg). Additionally, in the past, I have served on the board of esteemed organizations such as MIG Insurance Ltd, Intermed Hospital, and the American School of Ulaanbaatar. My experience extends to high-level executive management positions within the construction and hospitality sectors, culminating in my current role as CEO of a mining exploration company.

I firmly believe that my extensive industry background and expansive network will significantly enhance the Chamber’s capacity to represent the interests of our diverse business community. I am committed to fostering strategic partnerships with key shareholders and advocating for policies that promote economic prosperity and sustainable growth.

I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to dedicate my time, energy, and expertise to AustCham Mongolia’s board. Collaborating with the talented individuals who make up the board is a chance I eagerly anticipate. Thank you for considering my nomination and I look forward to the prospect of serving the Chamber and its members diligently.”

Bolormaa Volodya

Executive Director and Partner at Grata International Mongolia LLP

Bolormaa is a seasoned legal consultant with over 15 years of experience, specializing in serving corporate clients, particularly foreign companies, foreign-invested entities, and foreign law firms. Holding the status of an admitted lawyer and attorney in Mongolia, she possesses master’s degrees in both legal and business economic backgrounds.

Currently affiliated with Grata International Mongolia, where she serves as an executive director and partner; a branch of the esteemed Grata International, a global law firm operating in 22 countries. Through her role within this international network, she has cultivated a rich understanding of diverse cultures and is adept at integrating seamlessly into international communities. Bolormaa’s passion lies in facilitating the smooth and compliant establishment of businesses in Mongolia for newcomers, leveraging her legal expertise to ensure their success. She is committed to contributing positively to the Australian community in Mongolia, recognizing that such efforts indirectly benefit her country’s economy. She is enthusiastic about making meaningful contributions that enhance the business landscape and foster a sense of community among expatriates and locals alike.

Brad Clarke

Managing Director at Sandvik Mongolia LLC

“It has been a pleasure and privilege to serve the Board of Austcham Mongolia in the last 2 years as I am nominating for re-election in 2024.

I have lived and worked in Mongolia for 3 years with Sandvik and priorly worked in Asia for the last 10 years with experience in Management Sales and Business Development roles.

With a background in Engineering and project management, I currently serve on the Board of Sandvik Mongolia. As I am involved in various community activities, I will bring an understanding and commitment to AustCham to ensure it meets the member’s expectations and continues to improve its services to the members.

As a founding member of the Business Development Committee at AustCham, I would like to continue the effectiveness of this service and ensure the chamber is proactively advocating and building valuable outcomes for the members. In the past 2 years the submissions and discussions with Government Ministries have had a positive influence on the industry, I think we all agree we have a long way to go, but are making some positive impact on the business sentiment and working environment. It’s a team effort and I am excited to be a part of a community that is committed to making the business environment better in the future.”

Ceebu Nair

General Director at Bureau Veritas Inspection and Testing Mongolia LLC

“As a proud representative of Bureau Veritas, a founding member of Auscham Mongolia, I am honored to nominate myself for the Board of Directors.

Bureau Veritas is a strong advocate for sustainable practices worldwide.  As Mongolia, a resource-rich developing nation, prioritizes economic growth, achieving sustainability becomes paramount.  I firmly believe that my expertise, coupled with Bureau Veritas’ unwavering commitment to sustainability, will significantly contribute to Auscham’s goals.

On the Board, I aim to champion sustainable development within the Australian business community in Mongolia.  Through collaborative efforts, we can ensure economic progress aligns with environmental responsibility, shaping a brighter future for both Mongolia and Australian businesses operating here.”

Colin Dunn

Deputy Country Director at Rio Tinto Mongolia LLC

Colin has recently made the transition from Brisbane, Australia to Ulaanbaatar for his new role as the Deputy County Director for Rio Tinto Mongolia LLC. With a career spanning over 14 years with Rio Tinto, he has primarily focused on commercial endeavors, notably as a senior leader in the Procurement function. His extensive experience includes fostering relations with Australian businesses and facilitating their growth as suppliers to Rio Tinto’s Pacific Operations. Additionally, Colin has previously collaborated with the Procurement team at Oyu Toloi, maintaining enduring partnerships and relations with their leaders.

“I believe that my background can contribute to the development and ongoing success of AustCham Mongolia, and I can be a strong advocate for Australian businesses in Mongolia and for Mongolian businesses to develop opportunities in Australia.”

Khatantuul Mandakh

Client Manager at CustomAware Systems LLC

With over a decade of administrative and HR expertise in diverse environments, including multinational corporations particularly within the mining sector such as Thiess Mongolia and General Electric, Khatantuul brings a comprehensive and vital skill set to AustCham Mongolia.

Her demonstrated abilities in managing business operations, coordinating expatriates, and cultivating strong employee relations seamlessly align with AustCham’s mission to bolster Mongolian-Australian business relations. Khatantuul’s ambition for AustCham is to leverage her extensive network and deep understanding of both cultures to facilitate impactful partnerships and enhance the Chambers’s role as a pivotal bridge between businesses.

Mandakhbat Sereenov

Executive Director at Orica Mongolia LLC

Mandakhbat is a lawyer by profession, having earned a master’s degree from Melbourne Law School. With a solid foundation in legal expertise, he has been serving Orica Mongolia LLC as the Executive Director for the past five years. Before assuming this role, Mandakhbat garnered extensive experience in senior governmental positions across diverse Ministries, including the Ministry of Mining, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With his multifaceted background as a legal expert, former government official, and current involvement with an Australian multinational corporation, Mandakhbat possesses a unique blend of skills and experiences. His active engagement within the community, coupled with his adeptness in advocacy and networking, positions him ideally to enhance the Chamber’s initiatives significantly.

Mandakhbat’s commitment to leveraging his diverse expertise and networks underscores his potential to catalyze positive change and foster valuable connections within AustCham Mongolia’s framework. His nomination represents a strategic addition to the Chamber’s leadership, promising to enrich its activities and strengthen its impact within the business community.

Munkhzul Boroldoi

Chief Operating Officer at RJE Mongolia LLC

Munkhzul, presently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer and is a shareholder at RJE Mongolia LLC, an esteemed Australian-Mongolian joint venture specializing in engineering and construction services tailored for Mongolia’s resource and mining sector.

Her professional journey spans over 12 years, part of which she resided in Adelaide, South Australia, where she pursued her senior schooling and university education, as well as working for RJE Global gaining invaluable insights into both Australian and Mongolian business landscapes. Additionally, her tenure at Khan Bank honed her expertise in project management, a skill set essential for future AustCham Mongolia endeavors. Though her academic background lies in Information Technology, having graduated from Flinders University, Munkhzul’s career trajectory has predominantly revolved around project management. This diverse skill set uniquely positions her to bridge the cultural divide and facilitate collaboration between Australian and Mongolian businesses, a mission in alignment with AustCham Mongolia’s objectives.

“I am deeply committed to leveraging my experiences to foster unity among diverse cultures, reflecting Auscham Mongola’s core values. As a board member who previously served the board of AustCham in the last 2 years, participating diligently in the Business Development Committee and CSR Committee, I pledge to continue to champion positive change, embrace forward-thinking ideas, and deliver tangible benefits to AustCham Mongolia and its members.”

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