Ard Insurance

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Ard Daatgal insurance company, founded in 1994, is one of the leading general insurers in Mongolia. We have operated for  24  years  and  features  an  impressive  network  which consists of a workforce of over 100 employees, 238 agents and   24   branches   across   the   whole   country,   providing reliable  and  fast  insurance  services  in  every  corner  of Mongolia.

We operate in conformity with commercial insurance laws, and regulations issued by the FRC, Article 9 and 49 of the Insurance Law, and provide professional services under the jurisdiction. We are committed to keeping the interests of our clients at the forefront.

We encourage fair competition at the market, restrict  activities  and  refuse  to  enter  into  any  agreement which may contradict fair competition.

Ard  Daatgal  insurance  company’s  shareholders  come from investment, banking and financial sectors which provide   experience   in   corporate   law,   sustainable development, good governance and best international practices   that   sought   to   embed   in   the   Mongolian insurance market.

Sector: Legal

Type: Company


Phone: +976-77200089


Address: Ard Financial Group Building, level 2, Prime Minister Amar St., Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia