MCS Coca Cola


Consumers across the globe trust The Coca-Cola Company to deliver refreshing, high-quality products. Quality shows itself in our every action; it encompasses everything that we do. Each person within the Coca-Cola system takes this mission seriously and works tirelessly to ensure that our system keeps its promise of quality products and services.

MCS Coca-Cola company believe that our people are our most valuable asset. We will strive to improve workplace safety and health by engaging with our employees and adhering to applicable legal, MCS group guideline and TCCC requirements relating to occupational safety & health.

Sector: Food & Beverages

Type: Corporate


Phone: (976) 70165555

Fax: (976) 70165500

Address: Gachuurt Road 104 Amgalan 13260, Bayanzurkh district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia