International SOS Mongolia LLC

International SOS has been operating in Mongolia since 2004. Our emergency assistance services, clinics, on-the-ground medical services, and managed health care solutions are linked in with our global capabilities to deliver leading solutions for organisations operating in Mongolia.
Our resources in Mongolia include a joint venture partner medical clinic, SOS Medica Mongolia UB Clinic, a 24-hour Assistance Centre located in Beijing and network of service providers ranging from local referral hospitals and aviation providers. We also maintain first aid training facilities of international standard and staff management capabilities to deliver on-site medical services for clients.
Since the establishment of our local joint-venture partnership in 2004, International SOS has remained at the forefront of medical and security assistance in Mongolia. For more than a decade, International SOS has helped to shape the healthcare landscape in Mongolia.
In 2010, International SOS opened its first official office in Ulaanbaatar.
Our in-country and regional capabilities include:
  • Dedicated support of our 24-hour Assistance Centre located in Beijing, China.
  • International-standard, ISO accredited partner clinic in Ulaanbaatar, SOS Medica Mongolia UB International Clinic
  • Official administrative office in Ulaanbaatar
  • Dedicated air ambulance on standby for evacuations from Tianjin International Airport
  • 133 local healthcare, medical and logistics partners country-wide
  • Each year we manage more than 10,000 cases and perform more than 220 medical evacuations for members in Mongolia

Sector: Healthcare

Type: Corporate


Phone: +976-70161646

Fax: +976-70161645

Address: 4A Building, Big Ring Road 15th Micro District 7th Khoroo Bayanzurkh District Ulaanbatar