Founded in 2001, the MERA GROUP is a 100% nationally invested engineering company specialized in providing inclusive professional services of drilling and of blasting systems to mineral extraction and construction businesses.

We also produce a wide range of explosives such as packaged ANFO, boosters, non-electric detonators, packaged emulsions at our 6 plants conveniently located in central and regional sites.

MERA offers imported explosives and blasting materials with storage and transportation services as well. The company has over 400 employees.

MERA is an industry leader in the adoption of the international standards of quality management system ISO 9001, the environmental management system 14001, the occupational health, safety management system ISO 45001 and adheres to the guidelines of corporate social responsibility system ISO 26000.

Sector: Drilling and Blasting

Type: Company


Phone: (+976) 7555-6677



Address: City tower Business center, Sukhbaatar Square 8/1, Sukhbaatar District-8, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.