Tarva Investment and Advisory LLC


Tarva was incorporated in early 2015, but our experience goes back 3 decades. Tarva is focused on successful investing and providing high-level advisory services to client firms working in mining and industry – both private enterprise and government. Our deep experience comes from CEO leadership roles in medium to large organizations located in Australasia, Asia and Africa.

Tarva is focused on delivering valuable outcomes for clients and making successful investments.

Tarva delivers cost effective outcomes, where pragmatic approaches to completing the assignment are agreed and executed. Gold plating is not our practice – we believe that excellent strategic analysis, problem solving and development of effective solutions is key.

Tarva brings together the skillsets required to define and solve the problem at hand or deliver the outcomes specified by the client. Running tight teams is key to delivering highly focused outcomes.

Tarva uses the extended team approach to deliver on its agreed work programs. This team comprises the founding director, in-house and external consultants and service companies that are excellent in their field of specialisation. Tarva will work effectively with in-client staff.

Sector: Advisory

Type: Company

Email: info@tarva.org

Phone: +976-77119523


Address: 6th Floor, Sunroad Building, Sukhbaatar District, 1st region Sun Road - 91, Ulaanbaatar, 14230, Mongolia